Our Child Guidance and Discipline

In order to provide proper discipline for each child individually certain factors are definitely essential to be considered. Each child is unique in his or her own actively level, distractibility and sensitivity. Understanding these differences will greatly contribute to offering effective and appropriate guidance for them.

Each child should be recognized as an individual being. Every child’s behavior is largely influenced by their overall development and the nurturing attitude of the adults in their environment.

Children’s environment including the supply of toys and materials around them, the organization of a space specifically designated for them contributes to a good mentally and healthy development and diminishes the potential for problems.

As per Section 51 of the BC Child Care Licensing Regulations we have created this Guidance Policy to inform you how we will guide your children at Roses Child Development Centre.

We are establish age appropriate clear, consistent and simple limits for children. This greatly helps promote trust, security and order at the child care centre. We state limits in a positive straight forward (rather than in a negative) way. Giving children simple positive repetitive explanations helps them (and they are much more likely) to comply and abide by the limits and rules.

For example, children will be given a verbal notification, that it is soon time to change an activity (e.g. put toys away and get ready for lunch). We also establish routines which will give children a sense of safety as their day and activities are predictable to them.

We focus on the behaviour rather on the child and avoid terms and phrases that children can perceive as an attack or negative criticism; such as “you always…” or “you never…”. Children do not develop well when they are pressured, frightened threatened or punished.

Another guidance strategy we use is to provide choices. Giving children some autonomy by offering age appropriate choices is a great prevention strategy of power struggles.
It is of great importance to acknowledge how well children do things through positive reinforcement. This encourages them to repeat the desired behavior.

If a child has a care plan in place, Roses Child Development centre will ensure that any behavioural guidance given to the child is consistent with those instructions, and if the behavioural guidance includes the use of restraints, that the restraints are administered only by a person who is trained in the use of, and alternatives to the use of, restraints.

As per Section 52 of the BC child Care Licensing Regulations, at my child care centre no child will be subjected to any of the following:

  • Shoving, hitting or shaking by an employee or another child, or confinement or physical restraint by another child;
  • Confinement or physical restraint by an employee, except as authorized in a child care’s plan if the care plan includes instructions respecting behavioural guidance;
  • Harsh, belittling or degrading treatment by an employee or another child, whether verbal, emotional or physical, that could humiliate the child or undermine the child’s self-respect;
  • Spanking or any other form of corporal punishment;
  • Separation, without supervision by a responsible adult, from other children;
  • As a form of punishment, deprivation of meals, snacks, rest or necessary use of a toilet.
  • Or be subjected to emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse or neglect.

At all times children are supervised.

As a parent you may have some concerns or wish to offer suggestions. We are here to listen. Together in a partnership we can follow guidelines and limits which work and comfort your child