“Play is a complex activity with many aspects, but we can list some of the characteristics of play that support learning free-to-fail, spontaneous, enjoyable, challenging, intrinsically motivated, engaging, imaginative and social,” — says Dr. Craig Bach.

Toddler and preschool-aged children learn through their five senses.

They need to be able to TOUCH, FEEL, SMELL, SEE, & TASTE.  Children learn by doing what they do best…PLAYING!

In our centre children have inside and outside play time. We have two levels of very spacious back yard and one front yard, which provides children enough space to play, explore, learn and enjoy!


Examples of our play activities that promote learning:

  • Matching games & puzzles support fine-motor skills, social skills, & memory skills.
  • Creative expression such as painting, drawing, & coloring support fine-motor skills, self-discovery, & writing readiness.
  • Playdough, blocks and discovery activities develop perception, spacial reasoning & thinking skills.
  • Books & stories support language development and reading readiness.
  • Musical instruments, songs, & finger plays provide visual stimulation, logical thinking, physical movement.
  • Free play, creative play, and dramatic play teach cooperation, self-discovery, social skills and self-help.
  • Outdoor play encourages large-motor development, science, & social skills.